Our Mission

To Normalize & Professionalize Cannabis

Born out of a vision to change perceptions of the cannabis industry, we have made our name by providing clean, consistent, professional-grade cannabis products to a variety of consumers across the country.

In our grow facilities, you’ll find agronomists, state-of-the-art agricultural equipment and processes. Top scientists with chemical engineering, food science and pharmaceutical manufacturing backgrounds work in our labs. Cutting corners has never been a part of our business plan. Our fixation on regulatory compliance, passionate product improvement, and the customer experience have made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Normalize & Professionalize Cannabis
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Our Brands

Creating Tomorrow's
Leading CPG Brands

A deep understanding of the consumer that informed Cresco Labs’ multi-brand approach to product development. We looked to successful consumer packaged goods companies when designing our line of products. We wanted to design a suite of brands that addressed the true variety of consumers in the market, and each of their variant needs.

The resulting suite of five brands addresses a true range of consumers - from the medically-focused to the cannabis connoisseur.

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